Welcome to The College Curator!

Welcome to the College Curator website. All information is written and maintained by Connie Bowen. If you would like to email her, you can reach here at this email address: connie@thecollegecurator.com

Connie offers one on one sessions with future college students, who are interested in getting help in these areas:

  • test preparation (both SAT and ACT)
  • narrowing down college and University choices
  • choosing a college major
  • finding and applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • writing and submitting college applications and application letters
  • learning more about what life in college will be like in general

Connie is high school guidance counselor. For over 12 years, Connie has helped students make the transition from high school to college. Connie knows how stressful this time can be – for not only the students, but for parents as well. Connie also offers college planning sessions with parents only, by request.

Connie holds a college planning session once a month, that is open to all members of the Mayville Public Library. The college planning session is set for the first Thursday of every month. The hours are from 6pm-8pm. The college planning session is free, but the library does ask that you please sign up in advance so they know how many people to expect. The Mayville Public Library also offers a college fair in conjunction with the high school. For more information on how you can attend, please contact Patricia Reilly at PR@thecollegecurator.com!

Connie has provide the future college student with a plethora of resources on this website to help prepare them for college. Whether you are looking for SAT practice tests or help with writing your college admissions letter, Connie has you covered.

If there is any information you feel this website is missing, please contact Connie. She is always looking to stay updated on college life, as it has been quite some time since she attended college herself. You can reach Connie at the email address listed above.

College is such an exciting time in any student’s life. We hope to help guide you as you navigate this new chapter!