SAT and ACT Test Help

Official SAT Practice | Khan Academy – if you’ve never used the Khan Academy website, you will want to bookmark it. It’s pretty much the only website you’ll need for all things related to education. No matter what age level or grade you’re looking for help with, this website has unlimited practice resources to help. From K-12, College and beyond!

ACT (Official website) – the official website for ACT testing. You can register for the test, find practice exams and even look up your score!

The College Board – College Admissions – Whether you are looking for SAT, PSAT, or AP resources, this website has so many practice test options to choose from.

How to Study for the ACT or SAT – if you have never taken a standardized test, the Princeton Review gives you an overview of what to expect. They break things down even farther by giving you this comparison chart: SAT vs ACT: Which Test is Right for You? …you can compare the tests and see which one fits your college plans better!

ACT Online Prep – ACT Test Prep (just a warning, these products are not free, but the test practices are very good! I’ve used them with students in the past!)

ACT Resources for Students and Their Families (PDF file) …this document from the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District contains many links to other ACT test resources, study guides and practice information

Arrupe College: ACT Test Preparation Resources – you can find a list of ACT test taking tips on this library guide, in addition to suggested books for preparing for the ACTs.

SAT and ACT Basics from Northern Arizona University – compare the tests and find resources to help you master them!

Helpful SAT Prep Resources For Students (Stanford University) – this quick read provides students and parents alike easy tips on how to prep for the SATs

ACT & SAT Resources – separated by subject, this test prep guide from the University of Oklahoma is very helpful!

SAT Subject Tests – Subject Areas – The College Board – this study guide provides students with over 20 subject areas to choose from. Very helpful if you’re struggling with a particular subject for the SATs!