Test Preparation and Study Guides

College Preparation Checklist – this PDF file from the Federal Student Aid Department of Education provides parents and students a general overview of all things they need to consider when apply for and starting college. This is a great place to start when making the leap to college searching!

Mental Health Tips for Teens Graduating from High School – graduating high school and making the transition can be scary. The American Academy of Pediatrics has put together some tips for maintaining your mental health!

Dartmouth College – Academic Skills Center: Strategic Learning Videos and Books – watch helpful videos on successful study habits or buy one of the recommended books!

US Department of State – Preparing for College The US Department of State provides upcoming college students with general information on test prep, financial aid and scholarship support, and other college guides.

Test Preparation Resources – The City University of New York – dividing the test preparation up by subject, you will find many test taking strategies and study guides.

Taking Notes: 5 College Success Tips

Oregon State University: Note-Taking Tips – learn how to comprehend what you’ve read and listened to better with these note taking tips

Reducing Test Anxiety – this PDF file provides students with easy to follow methods for reducing test anxiety and how to cope with the pressures of school. Here’s another great PDF guide that provides additional methods of dealing with text anxiety and stress.

William J. Rapaport: How to Study – this incredible guide by Professor Rapaport gives students a complete overview of everything they will need to study more effectively.

Time Management: The Key to Academic Success – this guide provides tools and strategies for implementing time management into your busy college life. You’ll never cram for a test again!

Test Taking Strategies – this student handbook gives college students a guide to follow before, during and after the test!

Studying for Tests – TeacherVision – written by teachers, this study guide gives students a checklist of rules to follow

The Basics of Effective Learning: Test-Taking Strategies