Visiting, Choosing and Preparing for the Transition to College

10 Best Practices to Choosing the Right College – is a wonderful website for students of all ages. If you’re considering going off to college, here are some ideas to keep in mind before selecting your college of choice.

CampusTours – Interactive Virtual Tours and Campus Maps – If you can’t make it out to visit the college of your choice, enjoy a virtual tour instead.

Activity Guide: Preparing Students For The Transition To College

How to Choose Dream, Target, and Safety Schools – The Princeton Review has been around for more than 35 years. (I used this when I was applying for colleges back in the 90s! …this was before the internet was huge!) If you have any questions about the application process, testing, etc., this is the place to look!

What to Expect When You Get to College –

Mentally Preparing for College – finances and test scores aren’t the only thing that you need to prepare for when entering college. Get your head straight with these mental health tips for preparing for school.

What to Expect on Your First Day of Class in College

Best Colleges | College Rankings and Data | US News Education – the US News website ranks the top 50 colleges according to your search specifications. Pretty fun to play around with and can help you narrow down what schools you might like to go to!

What To Expect The First Year Of College

Adjusting to College and University from High School

College Information – Peterson’s – The Real Guide to Colleges and Universities – search this website by university name, major location or any other keyword and you will able to read all about the college.

NACAC National College Fairs

How to Prepare for College During Your Junior Year of High School – this excellent guide breaks down what you should be doing for college preparation during your junior year of high school by months in one full year. Select the month and see what you need to check off your college prep list!

25 tips for choosing a college – CBS published this article on 25 things to keep in mind when selecting a college.

Northeastern University: Tips for Choosing a College Major – Did you already pick your college, but aren’t sure what you want to major in? Northeastern University has some excellent ideas to help you narrow down your career field.